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Profile Defenders Is your Solution for Removing a from Google touts itself as a “leading source of real consumer advice.” If only that were entirely true. Sure, plenty of the testimonials on the site are based on accurate information, but all too often the information on this website and others like it are exaggerated or downright slanderous. Problem is, people who visit have no way to differentiate between what is the truth and what are lies.

Rather than do any further investigation, customers generally take what they read at face value, meaning that if someone reads a negative review on about your company, chances are they’re not going to do business with you. If just one person decides that your company cannot be trusted, you lose potential business and ultimately money. Now, imagine losing thousands, or even millions of customers due to one slanderous comment.

That’s exactly what can happen when enough Internet users search for your business using Google and are turned off by what they see. If you’re thinking, “I run a reputable business, no one would ever slander my good name,” you’d be grossly mistaken. Try as you may, there is no stopping rival companies from launching a smear campaign against you in an attempt to steal away your customers.

Even worse, reviews on sites like are posted under pseudonyms, so you’ll never even know which reviews are legit and which are slander. Luckily, Profile Defenders – the leading online reputation management company – was founded to help both small and large businesses fight back against this type of malicious attack. We know that you’re doing everything in your power to provide quality goods and services to your customers, and that the last thing you need is to be falsely represented on’s “Most Talked About Companies.” Our comprehensive services are designed so that you’ll never have to worry about negative links showing up on the top pages of Google search engine results ever again.

In addition, we’ll use our knowledge of SEO and keywords to ensure that when customers search for you they’ll see nothing but glowing praise in reference to your brand. It’s a proven fact that companies who enlist our services see an upsurge in their business. Customers who scour the Internet for information will read blog posts, press releases, bios and other articles talking about how ethical and reputable your company is and will be happy to grant you their trust. You’ll see the results of our efforts almost immediately, and wonder why you didn’t call sooner. Don’t wait another minute longer.

One of your competitors could be posting a negative review on right now. We also offer plans for new businesses that want to get a head start just in case someone posts a bad review about their services. No matter how much damage has been done to your reputation, we have a plan that can help you restore and maintain your image to one that is spotless. We offer free consultations for all of our clients.

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