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Remove Information from the Internet

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Don’t like what you see on the internet? Well now you can remove things you do not like on the internet or from search results with the help of Profile Defenders and our reputation management experts we can help you get yourself deleted from the internet.

We offer different levels of removal services. From sites that have negative content about your business or yourself to news stories that you want deleted can be done but there are more miniscule jobs that we are able to help you with. Below are tips and a guide for removing information from the internet about yourself.

Step 1: Delete or decativate your shopping accounts, social networking profiles, and any places where you may be leaving reviews online that are tagged with your name.

Step 2: Delete your personal information from the data collection websites. These sites aggregate your personal data and collect them to post online. The reason is they can gain traffic and make money off of your name. There is a way to stop this.

Here is an in depth list of the sites that we can help with data removal that pertain to our different packages of privacy protection:

Basic Privacy


Intelligence @

26 Deep Web Data Sources Accessed Via Torrent

Premium Privacy 

All of the Above Plus…

VIP Privacy 

All of the Above Plus …

Entrepreneurial Privacy 

All of the Above Plus …

Facebook Pages


Yahoo! Local

Step 3: Take out your personal information from websites. Make sure your cell phone provider has not sold your personal information. Find out the webmaster who is hosting your data by doing a whois search and see if they will take it down. They may charge or you can leave this heavy lifting up to us.

Step 4: Ask Google, Bing, and Yahoo to delete personal information. They offer removal services for the right to be forgotten in Europe. If you can get your information removed and live in Europe we can guide you on the process but the data must be at least 7 years old.

Step 5: Delete your email and then you have no more Google + account or anything else.

So thats how you Remove Information from the Internet with or without the help of a reputation management agency like Profile Defenders. Goodbye Internet.

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