Remove URL from Google Search results

If you’ve ever conducted an online search for a brand name product, chances are you’ve heard of Recognized as one of the top ten sites on the Internet by several esteemed writers, was established in 1999 and currently owned by Ebay.

There primary purpose is to provide visitors with customer reviews on many products. Considering the popularity of the site, one can only imagine how much traffic it generates each and every day. Therefore, an listing can be great for your business if the customer reviews are generally positive, but if they’re not, can cause your entire organization to go down the tubes. Although is generally regarded as having a reputation for high quality content, even their co-founders admit that sometimes things slip through the cracks.

What that means is that disreputable sources could be posting slanderous, untrue reviews about your product or services right now. Imagine waking up tomorrow morning only to find that a Google search of your business returns a negative link from We founded Profile Defenders under the belief that good companies shouldn’t have to suffer from the ill-effects of negativity and have a right to fight back against slander.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to intentionally harm your reputation. Have you laid-off anyone recently? Ex-employees can be particularly cruel not to mention dangerous. Possessing valuable insider information, ex-employees with a vendetta against your company might go to great lengths to ruin you. Far too often, your competitors will launch a smear campaign against your company in an attempt to instill doubt into your loyal customer base. It’s a dirty tactic, but that doesn’t stop it from happening.

The next time you find a negative link on the front page of Google results in reference to your company, know that there is a possibility that the listing is nothing more than a disingenuous attack from one of your rivals. Maybe someone has a personal grudge against you and decides to take it out on your company. Point is, there are countless reasons why someone would go onto a site like and write a discreditable review regarding your brand. But by enlisting our services and expertise, negative links appearing on the top pages of Google search results will be a thing of the past.

No matter how great the damage, we can help you stop online slander from ruining your reputation. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to eliminate negativity by replacing it with positive information that is based on accurate information. Never again will you have to worry about malicious links from staring customers in the face when they conduct a Google search of your company’s name. We have been in the online reputation management business longer than anyone else, and are constantly adapting our practices in lieu of the changing times we live in. Our thousands of satisfied clients agree – Profile Defenders is the best choice for those looking to restore and maintain their online reputation.

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