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Just based on the name of the site, you can probably figure out the purpose behind Featuring a very simple, easy to read layout, dedicates their time to ruining the reputation of other companies. Reviews and complaints can be made with complete anonymity. They don’t even ask their users for an email address. You heard that right – is completely unfiltered. That’s a pretty frightening prospect, especially since there is nothing stopping one of your competitors from slandering your company’s products and services.

What’s even worse is that links from commonly frequent the first page or two of Google search engine results. Considering that more and more potential customers are using Google as their primary source of information, it is of paramount importance that what they read about your company is overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately, running an ethical business that provides customers with high quality products at competitive prices is sometimes not enough. After all, what good is a great line of goods when your reputation is down in the dumps? Luckily, the professionals at Profile Defenders can assist you with all of your online reputation management (ORM) needs.

You’re probably wondering how we can make negative links from sites like disappear from Google, and you’d be within your right to question whether or not it is possible. Granted, it is notoriously difficult to remove a link from the front pages of Google search results, but we’ve dedicated ourselves to doing just that. See, we understand how Google’s search algorithm works inside and out, and we make it our mission to keep up with any recent changes to both Google and other popular search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. Most ORM companies are new to the game, but we’ve been doing this for years, reflected in our thousands of fully satisfied clients.

Our goal is to make sure that you never have to worry about your online reputation ever again. Being SEO experts who understand how keywords and phrases turn up negative results in search engines, we are able to tackle negativity at its source. If you choose to sign up for one of our comprehensive plans, you’ll see the results of our efforts almost instantaneously. Imagine searching for your company only to see a slew of custom blogs, press releases, bios and other web content speaking positively about your brand.

Everything that we post about your company is based on accurate information. We know that you’re working hard to run a reputable business, and we want to make sure that the world knows just how good your products and customer service really are.

The Internet should be your ally, not your adversary, but sites like can have you wishing that the World Wide Web was never invented. If you have been the victim of online slander, call us right away. We serve clients from all around the world and will be more than happy to work around your busy schedule.

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