Remove a Forum Thread Link from Google

Need to Remove a Forum Thread Link From Google or Trying to Figure out how to End the bashing on a national Forum Online?

Whether you are a small business owner, belong to a large company or are part of a private practice, the Internet is a valuable marketing resource, and any opportunity to enhance your reputation on the World Wide Web should not be overlooked. The Internet can be your greatest ally, but it can also be your worst enemy.

Stop Negative postings today and get a free quote to either remove or bury bad forum posts about you or your company in search results by calling 202-709-6571 or filling out the contact form to the right.

Every company has had to at one time or another deal with unreasonable customers. Before the dawn of the Web, these customers would write hateful letters to your company and sometimes go as far as to tell their friends and family not to deal with you. Now, what do they do? They head to an online forum and direct their hate for your company towards anyone who will listen. And let’s face it, people love drama, and will be drawn to forum posts that slander your practices. Often times, what the customer is saying is completely fabricated and based in lies, but the average reader doesn’t know that.

What’s even worse is that there is nothing stopping both angry customers and your rivals from posting in a forum. Most forums are only loosely moderated, and moderators do little to check if the information posted is credible or not. Under the guise of anonymity, you’ll never know if what is being said about your practices is based on real opinion, or a device designed to draw your customers away from you.

I bet that you’re feeling pretty helpless right now, but there is hope. Profile Defenders was founded so business owners who have been victimized by online malice could fight back. We believe that you have the right to be represented fairly, and using our proven technology and techniques can guarantee that you will be.

No longer will you have to fear the Internet. We are proven experts in the field – whereas other companies have just started providing online reputation management recently, we’ve been in the business for years. We possess an astute knowledge of how search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo work, and always keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Our services are not simply designed to remove negative listings, but to replace them with positive listings based on fact. Negative forum thread links will be a thing of the past, buried under pages and pages of favorable posts in regards to your business.

Forum posts have a tendency to spiral out of control. One person opens a thread and before you know it dozens, if not hundreds, of people have either viewed the thread or made comments of their own. If a negative forum thread goes viral, it can have severe repercussions on your company, especially if it appears near the top of Google search results. Don’t let online slander be the end of your reputable business. Call Profile Defenders today for a free consultation – we serve clients throughout the world and can handle any job, big or small.

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