Removal is an environmental website that was created to dispel miss-truths related to carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Started in 2008 the websites mission is to help lower greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels and offsetting those emissions against “avoided deforestation”. While those are missions we absolutely support in our green energy movement we have found that there are anonymous and frivolous posts on the Redd-Monitor website that should be deleted because they are lies and are uploaded as hit pieces to assassinate the character of prominent business men and woman as well as corporations that work in the energy field.

Redd Monitor Removal Services

Redd Monitor Outting Boiler Room Operations Selling Carbon Credits

Redd-Monitor helps to expose boiler room operations that are lying when they say they are selling carbon credits to retail investors and consumers. The pitch states that the credits are way over priced and that there are no secondary markets to sell them and thus they are worthless. This happens in England, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. If you have been falsely accused of working or running one of these scams but are listed on as a result of a competitor or attacker wishing to smear your name than please do let us know and our team will work to help you.

The website and consumer alert tool is funded by social impact and environmental NGOs, mainly working on forest issues. They all have the right idea to stop fraud and scams dead in their tracks but often times an innocent by stander will be posted on a complaint website like this and have no idea how to get it off. That’s why we’re glad to help anybody who’s been wrongly accused and wants to take their reputation back with our online reputation management and removal services.

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