ProfileDefenders Scam Avoidance Tips

Here at we feel a duty to protect our clients from scammers, fraudsters, and other dishonest reviews and negative connotations that hurt good people and ruin great businesses.

If you have a ripoff report or scam posting about your business than you may find our services and tips incredibly helpful for cleaning up a mess that somebody made in an attempt to destroy your business.

1) If a company you are dealing with has poor, little, or no customer service than consider avoiding them at all costs. The majority of quality businesses do not try to avoid their clients, customers, or others in business dealings. If this is the case than consider working with a company that prides themselves on customer service.

2) Look at the bulk of review websites. If you can find 10-20 different review sites that have spaced out reviews that all seem to be positive than certainly consider dealing with this company.

3) Ask for referrals. In some business’ like Legal help and medical help their is patient and client confidentiality so it is tough to get a referral and that is understandable but if there is a chance to speak with previous clients and customers who can attest to the business being helpful and not a scam or run by scammers than that would be extremely helpful.

If you are a good, honest, ethical business who needs help cleaning up an online mess than please do contact us today.

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