Profile Defenders Reviews How “Experts” Discuss Reputation Management

A big issue that we see here at Profile Defenders is that there are a lot of journalists and writers who write reviews and articles concerning the online reputation management industry. One big mistake that almost all journalists make is that they are very inexperienced in the subject matter and create a lot of fluff to try to obtain a higher level of readership. Be fair warned that if you reading a supposed experts advice or periodical on reputation management that they more then likely do not have a realistic view as to what it really takes to create  an actionable reputation management plan that will bear the fruits of long term success.

Another thing that they fail to realize is that the reputation management industry is run by some of the best SEO’s and marketing experts online. While that is typically a very good thing it also creates a way for competitors to use false reviews to drive new business which for a boutique firm would end up causing more time being spent on their own web presence when in essence the bottom line is the client comes first and always should.

So next time you are an outsider looking in reading a journalists story on the industry take it with a grain of salt.

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