Profile Defenders Gives Donation to the ACLU

Reputation Company Donates to ACLU To Fight Online Hate – Please Do your Part and Help Those in need

In light of the election, President Trump’s recent actions in office, and all of the turmoil our country is facing right now, many companies have stepped up to the plate with monetary donations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). At the same time, the ACLU has been working to defend and protect several different groups that have been targeted by bullying and hate online. The targeted groups include Muslims, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.

With their similar goals in mind, Profile Defender recently put their money where their own mission was and made a generous donation to the ACLU. Profile Defenders supports the constitution and all the rights that are given to people under it such as those pertaining to immigration, religious liberty, reproductive rights, surveillance, torture, and freedom of expression. Like the ACLU, they are also concerned with many additional critical issues facing our nation today such as access to healthcare and a quality education.

Profile Defenders was created based on the knowledge and understanding of how important an online reputation is to both companies and individuals. They uphold the rights of companies and individuals to not be defamed. Today, anyone can post something negative online, whether it be via Google Reviews, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a personal website. This means that even if a business has spent decades working hard and building a positive reputation, it can potentially be irreparably damaged in just a matter of moments by a malicious individual online. Twitter luckily has recently announced their work in slowing the only bullying that occurs on their platform.

What makes matters even worse is that the person posting such information may have never even done business with the company and could simply be out to ruin the company’s reputation for their own selfish gain. There are no checks and balances in the online business realm. One bad comment or review for a business can mean the loss of thousands of dollars in business from current and future clients. It could also mean the loss of future employment opportunities for those who own or work at the company.

Knowing how damaging negative information on the internet can be, Profile Defenders goal is to stop such negative business information from damaging companies online. Their job is to get these negative comments or reviews removed from the internet completely and to protect the company’s solid reputation.

By helping companies manage their online presence and with their supportive donation, Profile Defenders stands with the ACLU in the fight to prevent online bullying and cyber-hate.

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