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Principal Communications Group Reputation Management For Celebrities

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As one of the premiere reputation management firms who has worked behind the scenes for the who’s who of Hollywood fixing and navigating some of the most wild and obscene media blitzes we’re glad to see other reputable players to enter the space. While Principal Communications Group won’t handle and do the same things we do for Hollywood’s biggest names they will focus on cyber security needs through a new partnership that was just announced for the Los Angeles based company.

The founders of Principal Communications Group have recently partnered with Edgeworth Security to establish Foresight Solutions Group. The establishment of this new communications firm strives to provide their clients with a merging of PR expertise and the research prowess of cyber-intelligence professionals. The Edgeworth Security strategy is to provide companies and clients with the ability to make better-informed decisions based on deep data research and collection. Edgeworth is helping to set the cyber-intelligence industry standard by thoroughly accessing and analyzing data in a safe manner, and in adherence to data collection and privacy laws, while supplementing that information and research with practical applications and solutions.

What Service will Foresight Solutions Group Provide?

The partnering of the founders of Principal Communications Group with Edgeworth Security has birthed the creation of Foresight Solutions Group. Foresight Solutions Group provides the valuable service of conducting cyber-research that capable of producing much more than what a basic Google search can provide.

Edgeworth’s analysts have access to data in multiple languages from websites all around the world. The analysts are capable of finding necessary data, interpreting it, and drawing parallels with how to find additional threads of information, such as those found in what is known as ‘the dark web’. The dark web is an additional layer of the web that cannot be accessed through basic search engines. Only the best cyber-experts like the reputation experts here at Profile Defenders have the ability to conduct such deep research that is not just about a list of results, but is more of a combination of technology, algorithms, and practical application experience.

Reputation Management Services

The adage of ‘a team is only as strong as its weakest link’ is an underlying component of reputation management. A company wants every member of their team to be squeaky clean when it comes to their online reputation so the overall reputation of the company is preserved and protected.

Red Flag Service

Foresight offers their clients a unique brand of reputation management, ‘Red Flag Service’, which combines deep research with risk assessment in an attempt to preempt any potential negative results associated with a particular team member or business decision. The company can use the information provided by the analysts to come up with customized solutions, often involving the assistance of advocacy groups that train companies on how to deal with negative reputation backlash.

While Foresight will not make concrete recommendations regarding the hiring or firing of individuals within a company, their research will empower the companies themselves as they can use it to make their own informed decisions. The firm also specializes in representing companies or individuals trying to better manage their reputations in an attempt to make a comeback. Foresight’s clients cannot be involved in any type of criminal act and they will act within strict adherence to the codes of conduct upheld by advocacy and anti-discrimmination groups.

In this digital age, online reputations for businesses and individuals can determine success or failure within the push of a button. Once negative content is released onto the net, it is difficult to undo and can spread very quickly. That is why firms like Foresight Solutions are making a business out of providing their clients with a pro-active means of avoiding these kinds of challenges completely. Through the Principal Communications Group founders’ choice to partner with Edgewater Security to establish Foresight Solutions Group, a firm has emerged with the capability to protect businesses and individuals from the results of negative reputation management. The firm is started by partners Paul Pflug, Melissa Zukerman and Hans-Dieter Kopal who are also here to protect against false and fake #METOO attacks and unjust remarks that are done as a attack by a competing agency or company.

While we maintain an office presence in Beverly Hills, California to help promote, protect, and ensure the online privacy of the wealthy and elite The Principal Communications Group has opened up an office nearby located at

8075 W. 3rd Street, Suite 520. Los Angeles, CA 90048
phone: 323.658.1555
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