Personal Reputation Management Tips

6 Personal Reputation Management Tips To Keep Your Name Spotless

With so many people on the Internet talking and sharing information, it’s more important than ever before to take control of your reputation.  Here are 6 personal reputation management tips that offer ways you can keep your reputation squeaky clean.

Create A Personal Reputation Management Strategy

Whether you’re branding your company or protecting your good name online, you’ve got to start with a strategy.  You are in control of how the world sees you, so decide how you want that to be.  Make a clear statement and put it somewhere visible so that you can keep it in mind at all times.

Create And Distribute Your Own Profile

Instead of letting other people introduce you, create your own profiles and make them available to those who might want to use them.  If you can distribute these to websites that get lots of traffic, they will turn up first when people search for your name in the search engines. (Contact us here at Profile Defenders as we specialize in getting your online profile visible on the front page of search results)

Schedule Your Routine Monitoring

Since personal reputation management is an ongoing concern, you have to keep your eyes open for attacks.  Make monitoring the Web a part of your usual daily schedule.  You can also sign up for alerts and other programs to let you know when your name has been mentioned online.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Social media sites used to be considered harmless places where friends got together and shared common interests.  Now, sites like Facebook and Twitter are among the most visited sites on the Internet.  These are places where people are talking, and if you’re not paying attention, they could be damaging your reputation considerably.  Remember, comments and updates on these sites can end up on the first page of Google’s search results.

Think Before You Act

If your reputation is attacked, you need to respond quickly. Call us or email us so we can handle it right away, there are a lot of clients who overreact to negative articles and actually make the situation much worse. Responding rashly and saying the wrong thing can damage your reputation even worse.  A good way to deal with attacks is to have responses prepared for different types.  For example, if someone has a customer service issue, deal with it professionally.  If it’s a personal attack against you that’s slanderous, bury it very deep in the search engine results with our help rather than replying to it.  Each type of attack has an appropriate response.

Hire Professional Help

Finally, no personal reputation management plan is complete without professional help.  There are just too many ways for someone to come along and run your name through the mud.  Companies like Profile Defenders have years of experience and special tools to help you keep control over how the world sees you.


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