ORM Facts

Here are some interesting statistics as to why you need to integrate an ORM strategy into your everyday business whether it’s brick and mortar based or internet based:

– 55% of all Internet users read other people’s reviews & ratings. 

– 82% of Internet users tend to trust customer reviews over expert reviews (think about the problem you are having with yelp.com for example)

– 50% of ALL internet users over the age of 18 have left a review online

84% of Customers are actually willing to pay more for companies who have excellent reviews (THIS IS SOMETHING PROFILEDEFEDNERS.COM CAN HELP YOU OUT WITH!)

78% of the world wide web users believe reviews are the most credible form of advertising

Online reputation management budgets should be up there with advertising because the prospect of gaining repeat customers and not losing future clients can become painfully obvious when you work with a talented firm like us who knows how to convert your old users into new ones and find out where the complaints are coming from privately without a pissed consumer having to go public about the issue at hand.

With us we are going to ensure that your protected and defended online thanks to everything from our direct mail ORM campaigns, positive review service, and of course our flagship product which can suppress any unwanted material from search results.

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