Online Reputation How to Get rid of Bad Publicity

Online Reputation – Is Bad Publicity Still A Publicity?


For years, famous celebrities and politicians have been bombarded with good and bad publicity. Nevertheless, whether it may be something good or bad still it is publicity. People would want to know more about it and grab the latest and the juiciest details. Whether it’s an article on TMZ, CBS, or Gawker media the public will surely know all about it in almost no time and celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton love the attention whether it’s good or bad.

But when it comes to business, this is not something that companies would want to have – bad publicity! Why? It is because one single negative issue whether it is true or not is being associated with the company. It will have a direct or indirect impact on the overall online reputation of the company. The first thing somebody does when they hear about your business is they Google you and if a negative article comes up than guess what? You’re losing valuable business every single day and Profile Defenders is the only practical way to solve the issue without dealing with numerous legal headaches and having to hire a lawyer who will have little to no recourse.

To be in business is all about keeping one’s reputation tarnish free, no dirt, no negative issues, etc. If it is all about exploding a bomb in the business world and wants to be noticed by the public – bad publicity is a big NO! This would only cost a company millions and millions of dollars in order to eliminate the spreading of such publicity. A recent example is Sony Corporations issues with it’s network that was hacked. Anybody searching for Sony online who was unaware of the issue prior will now read the stories about this mishap and go to Microsoft Xbox instead of Sony Playstation.

Here are some inputs regarding bad publicity is not publicity at all:

  1. People are now resourceful.

People now are becoming resourceful. If they want to know about a company’s reputation and how a business is being handled, all they have to do is go to Google, and key in the company’s website or name plus the word “scam” on it. Viola! A list of websites or links that talks about a company being a scam or not would be appearing right in front of them.

Whether it is true or not, this does not matter. Why? This will definitely raise suspicion on the eyes of the public especially on potential buyers and most likely they will stay away with the company.

  • Bad publicity will go viral.

Do you remember how Justin Bieber and Charice were discovered before they became superstars in their own rights? It was done through the power of the Internet and websites like YouTube and MySpace. The same principle will then be applied to bad publicity. Once, an article or press release has been posted online, in a matter of seconds it will then go viral and people will know about it. It would be much more difficult to track down and find where bad publicity all started and of course, eliminating everything would be a great challenge.

  • Sales will definitely go down; the moment bad publicity goes public.

One great impact of a bad publicity is its power to dictate the sales of a business. This would lead to whooping thousands or worst millions of sales lost on the very first day people will get hold of the bad publicity and get to know all about it. Think about the next days or months, how much money will be lost in sales due to bad publicity?

Bottom line, bad publicity is definitely not publicity at all. It is this one little thing that can destroy a business reputation and can generate millions of losses in the future if there is no immediate remedy being done.


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