New PR Firm Digitalis for Crisis Management

At Profile Defenders as a leader in the online reputation management industry we always like to suggest that clients talk with other public relations firms and crisis management operators to get an idea of the different services offered to help them through their difficult times. Today the company that we are going to provide a review on for their services is Digitalis.

Based in London, Digitalis is an advisory company that assists clients in protecting and advancing their online interests. The work of the company is underpinned by proprietary technology and informed by digital intelligence. The company uses a unique mix of an advanced technology platform and well-developed skills to work with clients.

Their clients include financial institutions, privately-owned and public companies, government entities and private individuals and their family members. They work to identify risks and use opportunities produced by the unfettered online information setting.

Using effective tools, expertise, services and technology, Digitalis delivers valuable protection against a wide array of digital threats. This is done at the same time as business and personal interests are being advanced. Below is an overview some of the services offered by Digitalis:

Online Reputation Management

When it comes to research, search engines are the first route most individuals take; those search results are vital to various decision-making processes. Therefore, it is no longer an option to leave your search profile up to chance. It is crucial to make sure when individuals search for you or your business online, the results shown are informative and accurate, furthering your interests and enhancing your brand.

Digital Profile Creation

The company works with its clients to identify opportunities for asset creation that will assist in landing messaging with crucial audiences. They also help in building resilience into the selected pages of their search engine results.

Digital Profile Strengthening

The online reputation management service offered by the professionals on includes creating, analyzing, and placing pertinent online content, wherever it lives. This is designed to ensure your story or that of your company is being stated in the manner you would like it to be.

Digital Content Creation

Digitalis creates optimized, excellent, and pertinent content that is targeted to the specific audience of a client. This enables the messages of the client to get to major stakeholders across territories by way of online search.

Digital Strategy Development

This advisory company expertly develops incorporated digital plans across various channels. The strategic approach used is informed and driven by their innovative technology. It is designed to provide an opportunity for the company to effectively engage with the target audience.

Online Narrative Management

The online narrative management service offered by Digitalis is basically a campaigning tool that allows for the management of online search results for particular research phrases. Defining searchable narrative sentiment by way of online narrative management boosts the voice of the client and the voices of third parties in the media. This works to improve the argument of the company’s client ahead of an important event or a key decision.

In addition, online narrative management provides support for pre-event preparedness planning. The company also uses established tools to reset the narrative outlined in online searches after an unplanned event. Furthermore, the online management programmes ensure crucial messaging connects with stakeholders. This includes audiences that are hard to reach and individuals who are utilising online search engine results as a part of their research collection.

Digital Risk and Intelligence

The Digital Risk and Intelligence Practice provided by Digitalis offers governments, organisations and individuals actionable and targeted digital intelligence. As experts in digital privacy, staff members are skilled in detecting digital threats across the surface and deeper web, combining their proprietary technology platform with superior digital investigative systems.

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