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Profile Defenders – Lawyer Reputation Management

What kind of lawyer would you prefer representing you in court; one with an
accomplished and favorable online record or one with whose online reputation is marred
with slanderous comments regarding his or her practices? The answer should be fairly
obvious. For lawyers, possessing a good online reputation is paramount to acquiring
new clients. Unfortunately, just one disgruntled client, humiliating court case or negative
review can cause clients to take their business elsewhere. With the help of Profile
Defenders, lawyers will be able to restore their online reputation and give potential
clients the confidence they need to hire them.

No matter if they are searching for a restaurant, business or lawyer, the Internet is usually
the first place people look for information regarding the reputation of a person or place
of business. And while lawyers can go to great lengths to maintain a good public image,
it is nearly impossible to ensure that no one will post something defamatory about them
on the net. Once clients see just one negative posting, they will usually be inclined to take
their business elsewhere. It doesn’t even matter if the derogatory listing is based upon
fact; most comments on the Internet are anonymous and cannot be traced for validity.

New lawyers run into the same problems in regards to their online reputations. If
they aren’t listed anywhere on the web, clients will find likely find someone who is.
People want to be represented by those they can trust, and without access to pertinent
information like a lawyer’s track record and biography, they’ll have no idea what they are
getting into to.

Our approaches are based on the needs of the individual. First, we evaluate which of
our services would best suit our clients. By using our cutting edge software and years
of experience, we can evaluate how much damage has already been done, and the best
methods to reverse it. Whether you are a new lawyer looking to establish yourself, or an
accomplished one who has been the victim of online slander, we have a solution for you.

At Profile Defenders, we are always several steps ahead of people looking to slander your
good name on a popular blog or review site. We will tailor biographies to your specific
areas of expertise and create a custom blog or website brimming with positive content
regarding your practice. All of our plans are designed to fit well within your budget and
our thousands of clients will agree that we are consummate professionals with more
experience in the business than any of our competitors.

Don’t lose another client to disparaging listings on the Internet ever again. Contact us
immediately for a consultation. Once you sign up for one of our plans you will begin to
see the results almost immediately. We will also monitor your progress, so you’ll have
access to see the positive effects of our service firsthand.

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