How Kroll Investigations Tie In With Online Reputation Management

How Kroll Investigations Tie in With Online Reputation Management

Company Overview

Founded in New York in 1972 by Jules B. Kroll, Kroll originally began as a small investigative consultancy on a mission of helping its clients identify and eliminate different forms of corruptions, including kickbacks and fraud, from their business operations. In 1995, Kroll expanded its service offerings to include background screening, forensic accounting, market intelligence and electronic data recovery. At the same time, it expanded its footprint into new markets outside the US, opening offices in the United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, France and Australia. A year later, 1996, Kroll opened offices in Germany, China and India. In 1997, Kroll went public after merging with O’Gara-Hess & Eisenhard, a vehicle armoring company, to form a new entity called Kroll-O’Gara Company, which listed on NASDAQ as “KROG.”

Kroll entered the security risk management business in 1998 by acquiring Schiff & Associates, Inc., a small security engineering and consulting firm based in Bastrop, Texas. A year later, 1999, Kroll formally launched Breach Notification, Incident Response and Cyber Investigations as distinct practices. In 2002, Kroll acquired OnTrack Data International, a prominent provider data recovery, information management and legal technologies services and products. With the acquisition of OnTrack Data International, Kroll because a global market leader in computer forensics, e-discovery and data recovery. As of 2003, Kroll comprised five distinct but complementary business units including Security Services Group (SSG), Technology Services Group (TSG), Background Screening Group (BSG), Consulting Services Group (CSG) and Corporate Advisory & Restructuring Group (CARG).

In 2004, Marsh & McLennan Inc., a professional services firm, acquired Kroll and sold the company six years later (2010) to Altegrity, which acquired Kroll along with additional business, allowing Kroll to expand service offerings in cyber security, identity theft and compliance. Today, Kroll has 35 offices spread across 20 countries and a multidisciplinary team of nearly 1,000 employees. Kroll’s clients include individuals, non-profit institutions, law firms, corporations and financial institutions. Moreover, Kroll was recently voted the best cyber security provider in the 2017 National Law Journal Reader’s Choice Survey. With that in mind, here is a detailed at some of Kroll’s service offerings.

End-to-End Cyber Security Consulting Services

On the cyber security front, Kroll offers end-to-end cyber security consulting services. Kroll’s cyber security consulting services are divided into three areas: prepare and prevent, investigate and respond, and remediate and restore. Prepare and prevent employs a wide range of both internal and external assessments to evaluate a client’s facilities, systems and applications. The assessments include cyber risk assessment and analysis, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, physical security assessments, standards-based assessments (HIPAA, NIST, and ISO, among others), policy and procedure review and design, wireless security assessments, as well as breach and compromise assessments. In particular, these assessments help ensure the client’s data protection capabilities adhere to industry standards, update the client’s current incident response and security procedures and policies, or improve the client’s cyber security incident response capabilities. In case Kroll cyber security experts identify serious cyber threats during the course of assessment, they can provide security remediation guidance along with real-time updates. In fact, Kroll typically provides regular updates on requests and open tasks during any engagement. Beyond these assessments, Kroll can provide a wide range of deliverables including high-level presentations, detailed reports, executive overviews and knowledge transfer. In the event of a cyber attack, Kroll cyber security experts can work with first respondents to protect networks and more importantly, capture vital evidence including disk images and form of logs.

Investigate and respond, as the name suggests, entails investigating cyber attacks with the aim of identifying the source of the intrusion and more importantly, taking the necessarily measures to protect networks from future attacks. On this front, Kroll employs a full range of investigative strategies to identify intrusions, data filtrations and system vulnerabilities. Kroll’s cyber investigations experts are particularly effective because they combine traditional investigative methodology with computer forensic expertise. Kroll’s multidisciplinary cyber investigation team consists of top practitioners from the Department of Justice, law enforcement and private practice. This team offers clients a wide range of services including cyber litigation support, payment card industry services, data collection and preservation, PHI and PII identification, computer forensics and incident response management services, among other services. Clients who require immediate assistance can reach Kroll’s cyber investigation team any time of the day, thanks to Kroll’s Data Breach Hotline.

Kroll’s remediate and restore solutions assist victims of cyber security breaches, both individuals and organizations, mitigate the potential consequences of such attacks. Put another way, if you are a victim of a cyber attack, Kroll can help you protect your brand as well as rebuild lost trust. In particular, Kroll’s team of experts can assist you build a compliant, comprehensive and timely cyber security breach response plan that address the risks of all the individuals affected by the breach. The plan will offer a wide range of solutions including identity theft restoration, data breach notification, data breach call center services, advanced identity theft protection services, such as IDShield.

Investigations Services

For an organization to examine allegations of wrongdoing or conduct internal investigations effectively, it needs to get all the critical facts and then analyze those facts critically. However, gathering such facts can be a challenge. This is where Kroll’s experts come in handy. Kroll’s investigations capabilities include financial investigations, forensic accounting, dispute advisory services, brand protection, regulatory investigations, brand protection, business intelligence, litigation support, internal investigations, cybercrime investigations and sexual misconduct investigations, among others.

Due Diligence Services

To help corporations better protect their investments and make sound business decisions, Kroll offers organizations a comprehensive suite of business intelligence and due diligence solutions. Depending on the level of due diligence you require, you can engage Kroll’s due diligence team either via Kroll’s online-customer portal or the traditional consultative process. Kroll’s due diligence capabilities include supply chain due diligence, CFIUS due diligence, forensic due diligence, investigative due diligence, compliance-related due diligence and pre-transaction intelligence.

Compliance Solutions

With more and more countries across the world implementing anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, the global market space is becoming increasingly complicated, especially for multinational corporations. Thankfully, through a combination of flexible technology tools, global research capabilities and in-depth subject matter expertise, Kroll can help your organization comply with all the relevant legislation. Kroll’s compliance capabilities include supply chain due diligence, regulatory investigations, supplier diversity, monitorships, compliance program consulting, as well as screening and due diligence.

Security Risk Management Solutions

Kroll is essentially a one-stop shop for all your security risk management solutions, thanks to its diverse global resources and skill-sets. Using a holistic approach to security risk management, Kroll’s experts are able to manage projects from inception to completion. Kroll’s team consists of specialists in various fields, including telecommunications, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing telecommunications specialists, as well as experts in related operational disciplines such as crisis communications, information security and finance. Kroll’s security risk management capabilities include resilience consulting, security systems design, security consulting and operational security services.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Service

This service is specifically designed for law enforcement agencies. Some of the main aspects of this service include performance audits, law enforcement training, and investigations and reviews.


Kroll is a risk consulting and corporate investigations firm based in New York. Its service offerings include end-to-end cyber security consulting, due diligence, security risk management and law enforcement and public safety solutions. If you are looking to tie in online reputation management then the team here at Profile Defenders is a great compliment to Kroll Investigations.

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