Joele Frank Clients – Crisis PR Firm in New York

There are times when things are going great and the public relations handles itself. Then there are times when things get to be extremely rough and rugged and you need to be on the edge of your seat. Accurate and appropriate responses to a crisis is extremely tough to weather and deal with. There are faux paus everyday from both PR firms and companies that do not know how to properly deal with these issues.

This is one thing that Joele Frank and Profile Defenders don’t have to worry about and neither do their clients. Whether they are a big multinational based in New York or an international entity based in Europe the crisis management teams both here and at Joele Frank know exactly what to do when things get tough and can handle the most distraught of situations.

Joele Frank is a strategic communications firm that is recognized for their intellec, integrity, and intensity. They help their clients to take control. Some specialties of both of our firms are Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Transaction Communications, Shareholder Activism, Corporate Governance issues and press, Private Equity deal announcements, Litigation Support, Crisis Communciations, and Special situation social media management and Google suppression services.

Both their firm and the Profile Defender staff provides our clients with the utmost strategic counsel. Our tactical support across communications disciplines, from ongoing public relations and investor relations needs to high-profile – and high-stakes – special situations.

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