Is Profile Defenders the Answer To Journalists Having Too Much Power in 2020?

Is Profile Defenders the Answer To Journalists Having Too Much Power in 2020?

Since the beginning of time, there has always been a bit of distance between business owners/entrepreneurs, and journalists. The goal of a serious journalist is to be as unbiased as possible, but it is naïve to think that always holds entirely true.

Many people believe that while traditional journalism is starting to fade away, new wave journalism gives too much power to dictate the narrative. In a recent article posted on Vice called “Silicon Valley Elite Discuss Journalists Having Too Much Power in Private App,” several high profile venture capitalists and celebrities in California discussed how to counterattack journalism in 2020 and hold them accountable for pushing false narratives that are either politically or personally motivated as opposed to following the oath of journalism to cover stories in an unbiased manner.

Profile Defenders Helps Venture Capitalist’s & Startups Protect Their Brands

It is getting to the point that some are looking for ways to fight back, but can it happen? Profile Defenders, an online reputation company, believes that we offer the perfect service to help suppress and eliminate false narratives, stories and even social media posts that damage individuals and companies. We believe in protecting good people and companies that are unfairly tarnished online with the “Shoot First ask questions later attack.”

In a recent conversation through the Clubhouse app, capitalists and celebrities last week discussed the impact journalists have in today’s world. Gone are the traditional paper, magazine and even television pieces, replaced with shorter hits online to match the fast-paced world of 2020.

Roland Martin and Balaji Srinivasan were just two of the big names in this call. Motherboard obtained a full recording of the conversation, allowing the internet to weigh in on this topic as well.


The evolution of journalism

Journalists have always been on the hunt for new stories, but their role has evolved tremendously over the years. They have long made an impact on individuals and businesses, but it used to take a lot of research to expose someone for wrongdoings.

Access has opened up a lot of avenues to break stories. Most people now believe that it is a step in the right direction that a person does not have to wait for the next morning for a paper, or the next week for a magazine, to read up on breaking news.


Internet and social media take over

Journalism started to morph into something vastly different when the internet became the norm in households around the United States, as well as the rest of the developed world. Traditional journalism giants no longer had to wait until the next day to publish a newspaper article, and they could make edits in real-time if needed.

The race to be first with a story in the internet age can be extremely cutthroat for any journalist. It is nearly impossible to sit on information, and going through the proper protocols could make someone miss out. There is always someone out there ready to post new information, even if they have not checked sources or know if it is remotely true or not.

Just about everything gets posted online these days. Most of that stays online in some capacity for eternity whether it’s hosted on the internet’s showcasing old websites and news articles long after they’ve disappeared. It’s almost as if the internet wants to shame you for anything bad you’ve ever done and if it weren’t for Profile Defenders and leading online reputation management companies you’d never have a chance to rebuttal because Silicon Valley’s Elite think that journalists are wielding too much power like a modern day mafia.

Even if something is deleted, there are archives, screenshots, and more to turn to. There are ways to get things removed, but usually, the damage early on makes a huge impact. If the journalist did not get things correct, they are not held responsible for their actions. Even if they do apologize, it is not going to outrank the initial splash. This worries the likes of Martin and other celebrities according to the chat thats making global headlines now.

The process has been up even more in the last few years, as social media bites are now all the rage. Why write an entire article when information can’t be pushed out in a single tweet? While social media is still used for a lot of nonsense, actual journalism takes place on Twitter as well. In one short post, a capitalist or celebrity can be “canceled” for something they’ve allegedly done.


Guilty until proven innocent in the Online World

Jumping to conclusions is another huge issue with the speed of news in today’s society. In the chat, most feared that too many people are getting canceled based on less than legitimate facts. Instead of waiting for more confirmation than one un-sourced story, a person’s reputation is torn apart based on an allegation.

Reputations online can cost a company a lot of money if it is compromised. All of a sudden, there is a level of doubt around them, and no apology or correction will make it instantly go away. Journalists do not seem to comprehend the power they have, largely due to accessibility. The jobs might not be as prestigious as they were before, but the power is greater than ever and is relatable to police officers wielding excessive force and power as a good example for the public to realize the type of power and hunger that some unjust journalists and reporters wield to hurt innocent people.



Are journalists feeling too much pressure to deliver?

With so many juicy stories popping up, sensational headlines are on the rise. It is all about clicks these days, and a potentially scandalous story is going to have a much higher clickrate than some thorough journalism. Instead of everyone buying the same newspaper or reading the same magazine, people pick and choose what they want to read and there’s an endless amount of options available today thus creating this vicious negativity cycle that has given the perspective outlined above from some of the world’s top innovators.

Since clicks pay the bills, journalists are under pressure to produce continually. There are even tricks to fish for clicks, which can cause some controversy online for individuals and businesses as well. Even if something scandalous is posed as an innocent question, it might show up in search engine results and negatively impact someone.

Crying for accountability

One of the biggest discussions during the chat focused on finding ways to keep journalists online accountable. This can help slow down the rise of “gotcha” journalism that is slowly taking over. Not only are traditionally trained journalist turning this way, but amateurs that have some type of voice, even on social media, feel like they can post anything without any real repercussions. If you go on Twitter or Facebook these days then you understand how out of control this situation has gotten to the point where big advertisers are boycotting ads on Social Media because of they hate they are promoting.

The irony of a leaked chat

Perhaps nothing explains the issues of journalism in 2020 quite like the fact that this even became a story. This is all because of leaked audio from an invite-only app, which is essentially a way to have a private meeting during the pandemic. Instead of things stay in private, it was eventually leaked, and then discussed on that covered the situation in depth. With the VC’s asking how to fix this the answer is right in front of them with Profile Defenders an online reputation management agency that has been protecting elite VC’s and Startups and everything in between since 2011.

Chances are, the article is doing pretty well for, since it is talking about a pretty hot topic. However, it was intended to just be people bouncing thoughts and ideas off each other. Now, what was meant to be a private discussion is being combed through to see how people think.

The Clubhouse App

The Clubhouse App that hosted the discussion was labeled as “where venture capitalists have gathered to mingle with one another while they are quarantined in their homes” by New York Times writer Taylor Lorenz. She actually became one of the main catalysts of the conversation, acting as an example of a journalist who has the power to impact capitalists with her platform. She has criticized Srinivasan in the past, and he believes she abuses her platform to push narratives. Lorenz insists she is just doing her job. It is that fine line of staying objective that is causing so many to freak about the current state of journalism, and the power certain voices have.


What can be done to protect media attacks? Profile Defender has the answers.

The unfortunate truth in today’s world is that it does not take much for a company, or individual for that matter to take a serious hit to their reputation. Not only do professional journalists have a lot of power, but anyone with an internet connection has some type of voice and platform.

In some cases, businesses have struggled due to one comment or review that starts getting traction online. More and more people see it, and it starts to go viral to the point that it is showing up with every search engine results.

To fight against that, one solution is to work with Profile Defenders. This is a company that works directly with clients to have a customized solution that fits goals and needs.

Instead of playing the guessing game every time someone searches, Profile Defenders helps people and companies have more control over the narrative. Relevant information that matters is available whenever somebody searches for information. Instead of one random hit piece or comment made by an anonymous poster online showing up, more relevant information rises to the top.

If false information spreads against any client, Profile Defenders will be right there to help fight for their case. They can remove or bury false narratives dictated online. Think of it as the perfect editor that the internet desperately needs at this time when we need to come together for unity and stop with the vicious attacks against each other. Journalist reporters used to rely on sources and checking them at least two or three times, but that has gone by the wayside to be first. Being first does not always mean being correct, and Profile Defenders believes in keeping their clients free of rumors and fake out rage.

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