Internet Reputation Management

How A Blog Can Help Your Internet Reputation Management

Anyone who does business online now knows that it’s essential to have an Internet reputation management plan.  Negative comments and listings can appear in a heartbeat and if you’re not already prepared to deal with them, they can really damage your image.

One of the best ways to handle your Internet reputation management is to start a blog or to hire a company like Profile Defenders who creates thousands of blogs around your good name to ensure your protected. Your blog can be connected to your site, or it can be completely separate.  The whole idea behind a business blog is to have a hub of current information for your customers.  Your business blog offers some great benefits for your reputation online however one is never enough to keep off the ripoff reports, pissed consumers, 1800 complaints, and so forth.

Blogs Help With Branding

One of the major reasons all companies have blogs is for branding purposes.  Branding is an essential component in managing your reputation online.  Consistently posting useful information on your blog that your customers might want to know is a great way to keep yourself in their minds.  This provides “armor” in case there’s an attack on your reputation.

Blogs Belong To Your Customers

A blog gives your customers a place to hang out.  Even though you’re filling it with content and ultimately in control of it, think of it as belonging to them.  Make it a place where they feel comfortable; somewhere they’ll want to check back every so often to see what’s new.  Giving them a feeling of participation shows them that you care about them.

Feedback, Comments And Discussion

One way to give them a sense of ownership is to let them post comments, leave feedback and discuss things related to your company.  When people ask a question or post a comment, make sure that you get back to them.  Reply to them in a friendly, courteous and professional manner, even if you’re first instinct is to tell them they’re all wrong.  Remember that all feedback – good or bad – is ultimately good for your company.  Also when your customers see that you’re reading their comments and listening to them, this will help.

SEO Your Blog

Optimize your blog for the search engines using well-placed keywords and link building strategies.  SEO is an important component of any Internet reputation management campaign.  The idea is that when people search for your company’s name, you want your blog to come up at the top of the search results, and not a negative comment on Facebook. If you need help with this than you can utilize are SEO Services here at Profile Defenders

Address Issues And Complaints

Listen to your customers even when they’re complaining.  You can use your blog as a platform to discuss their concerns and problems.  Turn their issues into blog post topics and you can use your blog to show your company in a good light.

Hire Internet Reputation Management Pros

Finally, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional Internet reputation management company like Profile Defenders to help create a comprehensive plan for protecting yourself online.  Your business blog will be a vital component in their overall strategy.  Profile Defenders can help you by doing your PR, SEO’ing your site, monitoring the Web for negative comments, creating and distributing your profile and much more.  We have the tools and experience to keep your online reputation spotless. Contact us today for a free quote and see why we are the leader in internet reputation management services.


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