Importance of a Good Online Reputation

While it’s great to go out and be seen, known, and respected in the business world, what happens when you hand out your business card and your name is Googled? It’s very important to have a good online reputation as anything negative can severely stop you from landing a job or obtaining new clients.

Are you aware of the search results that are displayed? If not check it out. Many of our clients are shocked to see all of the personal data that is displayed about them that they don’t appreciate the entire world seeing. Whether it’s your business records, home address, childrens information, ripoff report article about your business, or anything else that is not conducive to a positive online reputation than Profile Defenders is the type of service that you need and here is why:

  • A Bad online reputation is an instant deal breaker
  • If you have positive infomation displayed it instantly builds credibility
  • Removing negative search results increases your bottom line
  • Being proactive makes it so you dont have to worry about past skeletons in the closet

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