iClipse Global Reputation Management Company

Profile Defenders has been a front facing leader in the Digital Crisis Response and Repair industry for a decade. As there are a lot of other great agencies that offer similar services with a different twist. The Digital Crisis Response team at iclipse Global in Washington State is run by industry veterans James Webber and David Barrow. It’s a spin off of the previously acquired firm called Visible Technologies which is now owned by our partner Cision Communications.

What iClipse Global does is a private label work for disaster recovery plans online to work with your public relations and legal team whom are often the points of contact and helps to clean up unwanted and negative search contact that appears on the internet. These repairs online are the result of high end editorial and PR content that delivers the truthful message and plan of action moving forward. For example after a messy divorce you want to clear that NYtimes.com piece talking about your big wedding and if you’re a medical company and you have a pharmaceutical recall then you want to deliver the message of how you are being proactive and protecting the public health interest instead of your own financial interests.

iCLIPSE Global Reputation Ma

No matter what the negative publicity is there’s always an opportunity to fix the data leak and or social media posts that went viral. Some jobs take longer than others and no two jobs are ever the same. Each job is a high touch and customized solution created to fit the needs of your issues.

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