How To Reply To Angry Emails Without Ruining Your Online Reputation

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For most businesses email marketing is the primary form of communication. 95% of companies invest in email marketing. But when you get an angry email in your email inbox it can drain both your time and your energy. You may want to hammer them with a sharp tongue, but this is only going to serve to ruin your online reputation.

Just being yourself can make your reputation, but displaying the ugly side of your character could bring your company down. You need to reply to emails in the right way.

Go Away

The best way to avoid making your online reputation as a ball of anger is to walk away. People tend to say things they regret when they act on impulse. Rather than letting this happen, walk away and come back to the email later. This will allow you to get your temper under control.

It’s Not About You

Sometimes the mistake that has landed the email in your inbox has nothing to do with you. They could have had a business deal fall through. They may have a migraine. You never know what’s going on in their lives.

It’s no justification for rudeness, but it does provide an explanation. They may be in a bad mood. Adopting this mindset will make it easier for you to deal with them.

Enter the Sender’s Email Last

Don’t be quick on the draw after writing down your rant. Write the body of the email before you write the person’s address. This will give you ample time to think about what you’re about to send before you send it. Those extra seconds can stop you from a scary email marketing mistake.

Repaint the Person

Dealing with someone who’s regularly rude and abrasive will always leave you in a bad mood. And this is how unpleasant communications keep happening. Instead, imagine the email came from a friend you know well. This would be completely out of character if it came from them and you’d be more confused than offensive.

This simple change can make a big difference because you would be more concerned with helping them than getting into a fight.

Reply to What they Need

It’s tempting to get back at someone by slaughtering their email grammar skills. It’s tempting to make fun of that hideous growth on their face. This is only going to create more conflict and leave you with a reputation for rudeness. You should be replying to what the email actually needs not what is said.

Mostly, you’re ignoring the emotional nonsense that person wrote when they were angry. You’re only concentrating on what matters.

Find a Place Where you Agree

Most of these angry emails are completely negative. Disarm the negativity by focusing on the positives. Try to find an area where you completely agree on. The chances are they won’t respond with more negativity if you completely agree with them on something.

Try to sympathize with them at the same time. If the boss is on their back, talk about how you understand their concerns and express hope that the situation will change soon.

Your goal should be to be a friend to them.

Keep Out the Absolutes

Words like ‘definitely’ and ‘never’ will only weaken the strength of your reply. There’s no such thing as absolutes. They will only serve to cause problems because they provide areas where they can come into conflict with you. After you write your email you should edit out all these absolutes.

On top of that, during your editing you should cut at least half of your email. This is normal practice and will help you to avoid saying something you may come to regret later.

Use the Luxury of Time

Don’t reply to an email immediately if you don’t have to. Take advantage of the luxury of time, if you have it. The more time you have to reply the less of an impact any negativity will have on you. Sleep on the problem and you’ll be able to come at the problem from an objective point of view.

You’ll neutralize the urge to blast back and you’ll get past the person’s bad mood. This is one of the most powerful things you can do.


Your online reputation can be destroyed in an instant because of one nasty email. Don’t ruin years of growing your company fast because you couldn’t keep calm. Provide yourself with as much time as possible to reply to your email. It will do you the world of good.

How do you deal with emails written out of anger?

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