How To Remove your Personal Information Name, Number, and Address Online

If your tired of seeing your personal information posted online that you wish to not have appear when your name searched for on the internet than there are a few solutions to the problem. Fair warning the most cost efficient and effective method is to contact us here at Profile Defenders so we can explain to you what we do to protect your online image.

1) Hire a lawyer. As you may or may not know a lawyer can become not only extremely expensive but you need to find one that specializes in internet privacy. The costs will of course vary on the time it takes and as you probably do already know lawyers take their time because they work by the hour and the legal system moves like a snail. The biggest downside is not the high cost nor the time but the fact that you are not guaranteed to have results with legal help.

2) Contact the Webmaster – We have hundreds of clients who have come to us because they were unsuccessful in having the webmaster either A) respond to them and B) Actually take action. Even if you do get the webmaster to take down the personal information you still have to worry about it going back up and having to go through the whole ordeal again which can be extremely time consuming and a pain in the behind.

3) Hire Profile Defenders- Not only do we act as your online lawyer for a 10th of the cost but we also have certain tactics and approaches to go one step beyond the webmaster to get your information off in a timely manner. If for whatever reason that does not succeed than we put our reputation management hard hats on and kick it into full gear to get yourself cleaned up by hiding and burrying all of the bad stuff about you in Google.

Contact us today to get started with a Free Consultation and see why when you google us you see nothing but positive information about us.

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