How and why would you want to remove your personal data from the internet? Well for one there are hundreds of websites out there that go ahead and aggregate all of your data online and publish it with hopes that you will either contact them to pay them to take it down so that they can go ahead and re-publish it on a new website and charge you yet again.

The other reason why they publish these large data sets with your Name, physical home Address, Place of Birth, E-mail address, companies you either own or have worked for. They use this information so that data brokers can purchase your information in bulk and spam you with “Special Offers”.

With Profile Defenders help we can put an end to this with a two tiered solution to remove both your personal data and information off of the world wide web as well as creating a positive presence for yourself on the internet.

The question is never if something is going to show up about you online that you do not want but when.

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