How To Remove MyLife Listing

Do you Google your name and see that your name, address, phone number, and other personal information is listed on a site called Well to be honest you are one of millions of individuals who are stuck trying to figure out how to get MyLife out of the search engine results.

Well guess what? We can take the necessary steps to remove Mylife and other websites that aggregate and post your data online but there is a much more efficient long term solution.

Since thousands of websites are made a year that aggregate your data and than try to blackmail you to remove them it would be a never ending battle to individually remove all of your personal data from those websites.


No need to worry though as there is a very easy and fast solution from ProfileDefenders. Not many people realize this but you will never ever be able to keep all of the sites on the internet from displaying your data. So what do you do?

You need to hire us to create hundreds of websites and rank them all on the front page for you which will than create a wall to block off anything that you will not want to appear online about you. We make it so that nobody will ever find your personal data because it will be so far buried in the search results.

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