How to Recover from a Groupon Disaster

Groupon can be the best thing for your business and it can also be the worst thing to happen to your business. Every scenario is different. Every single day in hundreds of cities across the world there is a daily deal going out giving free marketing and advertising to businesses that would have had a difficult time promoting themselves to new clientele if it weren’t for Groupon’s daily deal.

While this is a great windfall for some business owners others don’t understand the repercussions that can occur from launching a Groupon that fails to meet expectations and business owners end up with the wrath of negative commentary on their yelp,citysearch, and other business directory listings.

Thanks to Profile Defenders business owners can now change the overall spotlight from negative to positive about their company even if a handful of people decided to leave negative reviews about your business.

How it works is as simple as this: You contact us with your name, email, phone number, and business name. We than take a look at the situation and evaluate how many positive reviews we need to help you get, how far down we can move the negative reviews, and how much positive content we can get onto the web right away for you.

Once we get to work we can 100% guarantee that we will help you recover from your groupon disaster and help your business rebound thus re-gaining any lost business that has occurred as a result of the failed groupon effort.

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