How To Build Your Online Reputation When You’re Out Of Time

Building an online reputation is essential. If you wait until you are struggling to turn negative reviews into positives, you are already way behind. The best companies already have an established online reputation so they can protect themselves in the event of a PR disaster.

This is easy if you’re a huge corporation, but what if you’re at the very bottom of the food chain? Startups have the least time and the least flexibility of all. If you simply don’t have time, these cheats are going to show you how you can still build an online reputation when you have no time.


Dictate It

To protect your online reputation to the best of your ability, you need to use the power of content marketing. You have to get your ideas down and turn them into blog posts and white papers. The problem is that this can take hours when taking the polishing part into account.

So you have to think of an alternative that will save you a lot of time.

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and by 2020 80% of the world will have one, and if you don’t have one you should get one. The benefit of a smartphone is that every device comes with a voice memo function. Just speak to your smartphone and it will record the idea for later. Now you can plan and create little pieces of content wherever you happen to be.

Take the time you are spending sitting in traffic and turn it into a time to work. Use the time you spend on the exercise bike at home, or just when you are walking around the local park. Use this time wisely and by the time you sit down at the computer the hardest part of the process has already been done.

Make a Schedule

Social media content creation isn’t a task that a company has to complete. It’s a full-time job, and there are so many people who have managed to turn it into a full-time job. As an entrepreneur, this cannot be your job. You have so many other things to do.

The answer is in taking advantage of social media tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite. They will enable you to post on multiple social media networks at the time you see fit. This will allow you to cover multiple channels at the same time. It’s also advantageous if you happen to be marketing to people in different time zones.

These tools can cost you less than $100 every year, so it’s an investment even the smallest startup can make.

Repurpose Old Content

Everyone would love to have the time to make fresh content from nothing all the time. But the truth is that even the largest companies will never make unique, fresh content every single time. They don’t have the time, and so the big company trick you can use is to repurpose old content.

Don’t misunderstand what repurposing is. This isn’t about copying or rewriting old content. It’s about zoning in on a small part of a general blog and dedicating an entire post to a small point.

You can even base an entire article around a quote you placed into one of your original posts. Repurposed content is a hybrid between totally unique and linked to an existing piece of content. Google doesn’t have a problem with this, so your website isn’t going to run into trouble later.

Outsourcing the Hard Work

There are two reasons why you may want to outsource the hard work. You may not be qualified to complete the work or you may just not have the time. Some entrepreneurs have been to create blog posts through ghostwriters, whereas others hand over all the social media duties to an independent contractor.

For a company to succeed, they have to delegate. It’s not difficult to find a platform where you can discover the right freelancer for you. You may have to shop around a tad to find the right person, but once you find that person it’s all smooth sailing from there. Just make sure that you pay them what they are worth if you want to retain them.

Last Word

These tips will help you to take advantage of the ‘content is king’ mantra, even though you have absolutely no time at all. Building your online reputation in this way will allow you to dedicate your time to more urgent matters, such as marketing and product development.

How will you build your online reputation today?


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