How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?


Reputation management is essential if you’re doing business online or off.  People are talking online, and what they say can be extremely damaging to your business.  One negative listing can really cause trouble.

There are lots of ways to take care of your reputation online.  Let’s consider a few different options and how much they cost.

The Do It Yourself Route

You can always do it yourself for pretty much free.  What it costs you is some of your time, but it’s well worth it to keep your reputation from being drug through the mud.  You should devote a little time each day to monitoring the Web for negative comments or postings.  Google Alerts is a free service you can use to help you do this.  You can then deal with negative things as they pop up through a variety of different methods.  While it’s not as effective as paying experts to do it for you, it’s definitely the most cost-effective way to go.

Reputation Management Software

You can invest in some reputation management software that automates parts of the process for you.  These can be fully customized and often have other tools for privacy protection and SEO.  This frees you from having to do it yourself.

Reputation Management Experts

Then there are companies that can handle your reputation management for you.  This is a better option than using software because your reputation’s in the hands of skilled pros.  You’ve got to pay a bit more, but what you get is a group of human beings on the other end who are skilled at doing this.

The Cost Of NOT Taking Care Of Your Reputation

Finally, consider the cost of not managing your online reputation.  If you think about the customers you’ll gain and keep in the long run, you’ll easily see that it’s an investment in a profitable future.

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