How do you remove negative reviews on google

Have you ever googled yourself or your business wondering what would show up only to find negative reviews and complaints about your company on there? Well up until recently there was not a solution to solve these issues but today there is a sure fire way to remove and bury these negative reviews from google, yahoo, and bing search results.

While we can not give out our secret sauce information on how we can banish a listing above and beyond we certainly can and do make it happen for our clients. We have had numerous instances of search results that damaged a doctor/physician and a lawyers business in excess of $100,000 in lost revenue because the top four out of five results spoke negatively about their practices.

After we were finished working for them the first 12 pages of search results were all cleaned up and no more business was ever lost ever again.

There are a lot of different ways to remove the negative reviews on Google some of which take a lot of crafty thinking outside of the box and others that result in us having to just bury the populated result so far down off the first 10 pages that it’s like the negative review ever existed.

If you have any questions at all and need help cleaning up your search results than please do contact us today for a free quote or consultation to get started today.

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