How do you remove a negative article from google

Trying to figure out how to remove a negative article from Google? Looking at the first page of results and seeing that ex business partner who slandered your name or that crazy ex-girlfriend spreading horrible rumors that you want to suppress right away?

Well up until recently there was nothing you could do but take legal action and even then that actually didn’t guarantee that it would take the negative listings off of the search engine results. Now there is finally a viable solution to the issue at hand. Thanks to Profile Defenders proprietary software and solutions that we have created we can bury the negative listings so that they can never be found.

In a recent test study we took a competitive keyword and within 1 week we owned 97 out of 100 results on Google with the other 3 being our clients positive results that they didn’t want to lose.

What we do is we remove a negative article by ensuring that it is never found because 92% of searches don’t go beyond the first page and 99% of searches do not reach the third page of search engine results.

How do we do this?

While our competitors who are baffled about how amazing and efficiently we work here we truly can’t give up our secret sauce. All we can come out and say is that it works and works really well. Get a free quote today and get your results attached with a guarantee.

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