How Do you Get rid of Bad Google Results?

Tired of losing thousands of dollars because of the negative google search results that appear when your business name is searched for? If so you’re in luck as all of our clients at one time or another had been in your shoes. They would call us crying about the money they were losing, the negative forum posts, the false articles and reviews that apparently made it look like their business was no good.

Well now you no longer have to worry about ever losing a contract or future client due to a bad Google Result thanks to Profile Defenders Online Reputation Management Service.

How Do You Supress Bad Google Results?

This is certainly one of the most common questions that we are asked. While we can’t give out our secret recipe that only we know, we can give you a general idea of how the burying of negative search results works. We take an in depth approach by examining what websites, blogs, review websites, or national newspapers have content posted about you or your business on the front page. Than we do our due diligence to see why exactly each and every one of those pages is populating on the front page. We look at domain authority, back links, out bound links, on page optimization, and so forth. Than we determine what positive results are sitting on page 1. We than take the time needed to figure out how many articles, press releases, personalized websites, and the proper linking structure through our blog network to determine a reasonable cost and time frame to get the job completed.

In the end we work all of the positive up while simultaneously working all of the negative on down. In some cases we do not need to create our own web pages to rank on page 1 and in those cases the price is likely to be less. Also we are the only firm in the world that is strong and skilled enough at what we do that we stamp a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to our work so you can sleep easy at night knowing that you will have a clean reputation and image online thanks to Profile Defenders.

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