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Increasingly, people are using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find information about businesses. Often times they are led to review sites where they can view composite averages and read what real people are saying about these companies. In regards to the travel industry, people are generally more influenced by these sites than traditional advertising campaigns.

It is projected that in the near future, a large majority of people will be using websites like and to determine what hotels they should be staying at. Even if a hotel has a glowing reputation, one bad review or comment on these websites could cause patrons to book their reservations elsewhere. At Profile Defenders, we specialize in eliminating negative comments from popular sites and will go to great lengths to ensure that your hotel is presented in the most favorable light.

Aspiring hotel managers need to be aware of their online reputation and should be taking steps to help them rise above the competition. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should slander their rivals, but it is imperative for them to provide quality accommodations and customer service in order to reduce the amount of disgruntled customers. Satisfied customers could be kindly asked to write an approving review online.

Often times, running a reputable business is simply not enough. The hotel industry is extremely competitive, sometimes resulting in rival hotel managers posting untrue, defamatory reviews about your business on a popular site. If these comments are simply ignored, you can expect to lose the business of hundreds, if not thousands, of prospective travelers each and every month. Imagine adhering to the highest standards of quality only to end up losing business? We are at our best when handling these types of situations.

It is statistically proven that most people only pay attention to the first page of search engine results (when was the last time you went past the 5th page of results?) Therefore, our first priority is to ensure that all negative listings about your hotel are pushed off the front page. But what about review sites like and that compiles reviews into number averages? Our review services are well equipped to handle that as well. Almost immediately you will begin to see your hotel’s rating rise. Once you employ our services we guarantee that you’ll be using that “No Vacancy” sign much more often.

Every day that you fail to protect your hotel’s reputation is another day that you are losing money. Our years of industry experience have made us  the only company on the Internet that fully understands Google’s ranking algorithm when it comes to solving problems related to Hotel and Vacation Resorts negative review problems. We will find the keywords and use the proper techniques to ensure that your hotel will be noticed and even throw in some positive reviews along the way. We can also customize our plans to your specific needs.

Don’t lose another reservation to online slander. Show your rivals that you will not stand for their malicious attacks. Contact the professionals at Profile Defenders and let us show you the way towards a more prosperous tomorrow. Call now for a free quote at 202-709-6571 or fill out the form on the right to get started.

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