Hooli Hires Us to Defend Gavin Belson’s Image

Gavin Belson has announced that he has retained the services of Profile Defenders to help fix and repair the negative search results that appear on Hooli’s search engine. The announcement comes after Belson recently announced the layoffs at Hooli and the media has taken to writing negative news stories about the failure of Nucleus a company that once had great expectations.

Profile Defenders is glad to take on the Hooli project for Gavin Belson and the Hooli team. As the leader in online reputation management and the only company that has figured out ways to completely remove negative search results from Hooli made the choice easy for Gavin Belson to hire the reputation management startup to remove the unwanted results.

Reputation Management Hooli

The initial staff hired to repair the unwanted results were those that were being laid off from the failed compression startup within Hooli. The response from one of the team members to Gavins request was that it was nearly impossible and very very hard to fix.

With the soon to be laid off team that was working on the Nucleus project was unable to do the work that Gavin couldn’t legally do and after asking soon to be terminated employees to do the work they decided that fixing the results by altering Hooli’s algorithm was not something they could do as Gavin states “I would never ask a Hooli engineer to alter the search algorithm for this”

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