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We are living in the digital age of social media, and as such, any business or public individual knows how detrimental negative online content can be. Virtually anyone can publish their views, experiences, or opinions online, and regardless of how truthful or unfounded they are, that platform is a powerful and far-reaching one. Any business that wants to succeed in the digital marketplace has to have a robust online presence and brand. That brand has to be clear, unique, personable, and target a niche audience. What that brand doesn’t need is negative content that can spread like wildfire and topple an online reputation someone has spent months or years building.

The primacy of digital marketing and online branding has given rise to the need for online reputation management companies, whose job is to help people, companies, and businesses deal with negative online content and minimize its fallout. While there are a vast number of reputation management companies to choose from, you will find their methods to provide services does vary. There are two leaders in the reputation management industry worth exploring if you want to learn how to fix and erase unwanted content online.

What Exactly Does Reputation Management Entail?

Reputation management is a powerful thing. We have all seen its influence when a celebrity falls from grace due to a scandal, only to regain public approval down the road. While it might appear as though this is just the result of a natural fading of the event or rumor in question, most often, there is a team who specialize in reputation management working behind the scenes. That team is advising the individual on precisely what to say, how to say it, and what to do to regain public approval.

In the arena of online reputation management, this is also a complicated process. Once a negative comment, post, or review has been published online, it can not only affect the opinions of others reading it, and it can also affect how the search engines rank that particular page. A page with a lot of negative content on it is not going to list as well as a page that features glowing reviews, comments, and positive customer engagement. This ultimately leads to smaller sales and lost potential clients.

Responding to Negative Content On Social Media, Yelp, and Google

A reputation management company’s team are experts on how to advise people experiencing negative content on how best to respond. Getting angry or flat-out denial is not always the best approach; your advisor will likely suggest that you acknowledge the material, possibly apologize for the event in question, and attempt to remedy it to show empathy, ownership, and positive resolution.

Negative Content Removal Services

The main responsibility of a reputation management company is to remove negative content as quickly as possible to minimize the effects of its spread. While some companies market themselves as being able to remove all negative content, that doesn’t always mean it’s permanent, and other companies might say they can withdraw anything, but simply cannot.

Many people have found that when it comes to the chance to remove negative listings there are two companies you use either Guaranteed Removals or Profile Defenders.

Guaranteed Removals Biggest ORM Player

Guaranteed Removals is an online reputation management company that protects online images and is the largest single player for direct removals search engine results.

Their website talks about their removal of over 25,000 articles, blogs, links, alarmist websites, reviews, negative comments, photos, videos, legal documents, and much more.

Guaranteed Removals use Profile Defenders for successful removals online

What People are Saying About Guaranteed Removals

Reviews are important. If you have suffered from false attacks on sites, cheater websites, mugshot sites, or news sites than good chance that Guaranteed Removals can help you remove and delete the search result.

Profile Defenders Removal Service

Profile Defenders is regarded as the other industry’s leading reputation management company. Going above and beyond and doing almost anything to ensure their clients campaign is successful. Just like the other ethical player in the industry Guaranteed Removals we make no false promises to remove content that can’t be removed, taking jobs only if we know we can succeed with a clear plan of attack. Finding that honesty is the best way to work with clients.

Regardless of who you are, how large or small your business is, no one is safe from negative online content. The more well-known you or your company is, the more vulnerable you are to online attacks that can have disastrous effects on branding and online presence.

Having an honest and upfront approach about the fact of what can and can’t permanently be removed is important. We promise if we can’t remove something than we can bury it effectively enough to minimize damage. We will also replace negative content with positive press-style content you would be proud to have connected with your name in a search engine result.

After all, online reputation management isn’t just a human endeavor; it’s also about how the search engines rank your pages, and a growing factor of that ranking system is online reviews, comments, and customer engagement.

According to recent surveys, reputation can account for approximately 75 percent of an online persona’s, company’s, or organization’s value. That is a hugely important and volatile factor that can make or break an online presence.

Online Customer Reviews and Online Reputation Management

The importance of online customer reviews has been steadily on the rise for the last decade. As more and more people became accustomed to leaving accounts of their experiences on websites, social media, and discussion forums, more people turned to these reviews as a means by which they determined whether or not a site would get their traffic or business.

Profile Defenders targets multiple platforms and review sites to monitor precisely how people are responding to your brand online. Part of our service is preventative, rather than responsive. The adage of prevention is more powerful than a cure most definitely applies to reputation management. It is much easier to keep a good reputation going by being proactive than it is to undo the damage of harmful content that is released on the internet.

Profile Defenders doesn’t just try and remove negative reviews, and we also advise our clients on how best to respond to them. In some situations, especially those where the content cannot be removed entirely, a response is the best strategy to minimize the fallout. Advice on what to say and do is an invaluable aspect of reputation management services, including how Profile Defenders excel. Just this week alone we successfully fixed Autocomplete results, Removed Negative Google and Glassdoor reviews.

Social Media

Profile Defenders provide a valuable piece of online reputation management advice to each, and every client and their brand’s social media accounts. In this day and age, social media is a vast contributor to online presence and branding. Owning your brand’s social media accounts means control. The last thing you want is for someone else to claim your brand name and set up a social media account that you have no control over; this is something that happens more often than you might think. Profile Defenders favors being proactive and advises their clients to undertake this strategy right from day one to avoid a lot of potential problems down the road.

When it comes to online reputation management companies, you have to conduct your due diligence to find one that can deliver on the results it promises. Guaranteed Removals and Profile Defenders removal services are the best in class and help you with a proactive strategy that can be invaluable to you and your business.

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