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Google Reputation Management – Why This Search Engine Giant Is So Important

What happens if somebody comes along and says something slanderous or downright nasty about you online?  There’s a good chance that it’ll come up on the first page of Google’s search results when they search for your name.  One tiny listing can cost you a ton in lost revenue and could even ruin your business. Often times you don’t even realize how much money you have lost due to the negative Google listings until you actually google yourself. This is why Google reputation management is so essential.

Why The Big G?

Lots of companies like Profile Defenders focus specifically on Google reputation management.  We don’t worry as much about Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.  Why is there so much focus on “the Big G?”

The reason is that an estimated 80% of all searches are done on this search engine giant.  It’s the most used website on earth.  Almost all internet marketing experts focus their efforts in ranking there.  To put it simply, when you want to get information about something, you Google it.

How Google Searches Can Wreck Your Reputation

In order to understand how all of this works, let’s consider how Google operates.  It uses a secret algorithm to determine which sites have relevance, authority and credibility.  It’s trying to weed out all the junk on the Internet and find you just the information you’re looking for.

Because of this, certain sites have more “Google love” than others.  These are sites that have been around for a long time, get lots of visitors and provide valuable information for people.  If your disgruntled ex-employee decided to start a blog called “(Your Company’s Name),” it would be visible for everybody to see and one of the only sensible ways to get rid of it would be to hire an online reputation management firm like Profile Defenders.

Sites That Can Kill Your Rep (And That Google Loves)

There are lots of sites out there that Google loves, and these are easy places for people to say nasty things about you and get them read.  They include forums, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, message boards and directories.  Google likes them because they have lots of users who add content to them daily.

If somebody puts their two cents on one of these sites, and if their two cents are that your company stinks, the result can be disastrous.  Lots of people will see it and whenever anyone else contributes their own comment or thoughts, Google loves it even more because that’s fresh content.  Even if you get on the forum to defend yourself, you’re adding content to the thread and guaranteeing it a longer life on Google’s search results page!

These sites aren’t the only ones that Google loves.  Any website at all can come up on the search engine’s first page if it matches the search.

Profile Defenders – One of the Few Expert Google Reputation Management Companies

If you need someone to handle your Google reputation management, than you are in the right place as we have the best name in the industry.  We’ve been dealing with Google’s tricky algorithm for years.  We’re generally known as the reputation management company that knows the search engine giant best.

Your efforts to protect your name online should focus on Google reputation management.  There are a lot that goes into protecting yourself online, but remember that Google is the world’s favorite way of searching the web.


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