Google Eraser – Deleting Slanderous Results From

What Google says about you can be extremely damaging and hurtful. It hurts your confidence, your wallet, and those around you. A service similar to the now infamous “Google Eraser” is one that deletes slanderous and defamatory results from the search engines. Famous attorneys like Vorys and Aaron Minc are known for providing these legal services for $20,000 and up.

The Profile Defenders removal service strives to permanently delete misleading online webpages from the website itself. If this is not possible then the secondary measure undertaken removes these slanderous webpages from the 3 most popular search engines Bing, Yahoo, and google. The systematic program has many moving parts.

In some instances Profile Defenders has personal contacts at different newspapers, blogs, and review sites that work with us to completely reove the unwanted results. Pricing starts as low as $3,500 depending on what the reputational issue is and what website it is posted on.

It’s an investment in your online reputation which is one of your most valuable assets.

The service works like this. You submit a quote to the profile defenders to inform the analysts of your defamatory or slanderous material. Depending on the website numerous methods and actions are taken. Much different than the previous “Brand” reputation management techniques which focused on obtaining court orders and judgements where you would then have to ask the search engines if they would abide and remove the results from their index.  It is not a scalable service and is done on a case by case basis. Not all webpages are removable.

Innovation in the Growing Reputation Management Industry

As the industry continues to grow. Estimates of the industry being worth $5 billion dollars this year alone. This is a 350% growth over the last 3 years.  It is also important that ORM companies allow free speech and never infringe upon that. If a case or situation is true defamation and there is a need for “the Right to be forgotten” then its important that each ORM removal case is carefully examined. If the information is inaccurate, false, and defamatory then by all means action should be taken.

The initial role of the ORM industry was to suppress unwanted results but as it becomes more difficult to suppress results the need for additional services has come about. If there is a copyright or DMCA issue that Profile Defenders helps with then a notice from Chilling Effects which has recently been renamed the Lumen Database will appear at the bottom of the search results page.

So if you have an unlfattering but accurate result then it will be much more difficult to have the result removed but there are still possibilities depending on where the comments were posted.  93% of all searches do not go past page 1.

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