Google Bombing and Google Bowling Services

We receive phone calls near daily with clients asking about what the difference is between Google Bombing and Google Bowling. They also want to know if we offer these type of services. So below is some clarification:

[h2]Google Bombing[/h2]

Google Washing was originally coined back in 2004 and later evolved to be called “Google Bombing” in 2005. When you think of a bomb going off you imagine a loud bang. Well in the search engines algorithm if you throw a variety of different links for a specified term than the website would not typically be linked too. The most prominent example was the query “the worst band in the world” that would lead to Creeds website.

What About Google Bowling Services?

This is what is called a “Black Hat” method to achieve the desired results of bringing down a competitors site. With web reputation management services this can range from needing to get rid of a negative result to having a competitor that is outranking you and you simply want to take down their site using unethical methods to wipe them out of the first page of search engine results.

The most prominent way to do something like this would be to launch millions of links at a site from niches that are frowned upon such as: Warez, illegal pharma sites, malware sites, pornographic websites, and so forth. Associating a brand with these negative niches can negatively affect the overall search ranking of a website.

With the ever changing web eco-system and daily updates to Googles algorithm it is impossible to say that a tactic that works well one year will work in the near future as the search engine is always evolving.

[h3]Online Reputation Management Services[/h3]

In the end the best suite to go forward with is something that is ethical and not blackhat. Working with Profile Defenders an award winning company mentioned in numerous publications including Entrepreneur magazine for our amazing strides in the field can help guide you to the most efficient solution to resolve any false or hurtful claims against you or your business that may be populating on the first page of search engine results.


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