Glassdoor Reputation Management

You go to look up your company to see what the other employees have to say. No big deal right? Well it wouldn’t be until you see that right below your wonderful company you find a site called and what do you find on this site?

The most repulsive and negative reviews possible about your corporation, negative satire about the CEO, and to make matters worse it says how you should hate working for this company and stay away at all costs.

No obviously this all could be entirely false and just posted by an ex-employee but what about the potential nightmare this causes for the human resources department when they are trying to recruit new employees to come work for your company?

Simply put the internet has the power to destroy your business and stop potential hires from ever applying or even walking through that door. In the end this costs you money. The bottom line is you need to grow as a business and not shrink. You grow with human capital and great workers not the bottom of the barrel high school dropouts.

So how do we clean up your reputation and image on Call us today to learn about our proprietary methods from improving reviews to finding loopholes on the website that will benefit you and your business in less then 30 days from the time we get started.

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