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The Solution is to Hire: Profile Defenders

Consider for a moment how many times you’ve used Google in the past week, month or year. If we had to guess, it’s probably more times than you can conceivably count. More than ever, prospective consumers are using Google as their go to source of information. And why wouldn’t they? Reading comments, searching for reviews and gathering information regarding a company’s online reputation can all be done with a few simple keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.

More importantly, Google has proven itself to be highly reliable. People trust their findings from Google queries, which is why it is of the utmost important that your company not be portrayed on the Internet in a negative light. Ask most company owners the last place they want to be represented on Google search engine results and more often than not they’ll say sites like Just the name alone is enough to send chills down a business owner’s spine.

What does is allow anyone, businesses and consumers alike, to expose scams and fraud. They are very committed to their mission, even going so far as to claim that they are not in it for the money. Also, they state that they’re not out to hurt the reputation of businesses. That might be true, but what if someone goes to their site and files an unjust complaint about your company? Often times, complaints are made by unreasonable customers who refuse to be satisfied under any circumstances.

Furthermore, rival companies and ex-employees will regularly go out of their way just to slander your good name. Considering that anyone can post anonymously on the Internet, companies always need to be on their guard against derogatory attacks. Read by many and highly influential on the Web, is a perfect outlet for this type of malice.

Just a few short years ago you would have been helpless to stop it, but there is hope. If your company has been the victim of defamatory statements posted on, Profile Defenders can help. We specialize in removing links from and similar sites from Google. You’ll be amazed at how fast negative reviews about your company will disappear from the front pages of Google search queries. For all you know, someone could be posting something negative about you or your company on the Internet right now. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you could fight back?

Profile Defenders, through years of experience and unparalleled expertise within the industry, uses sophisticated algorithmic software and proven methodologies to eradicate negativity. Our services are meant for ethical companies that have been the victims of unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes, bad things, like finding an unjust complaint on, happen to good and reputable companies. Not only do we eliminate these complaints, but we will also monitor your progress and catch any new negative comments before they can damage your reputation. Please call Profile Defenders at 202-709-6571 for all of your online reputation management needs.

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