Five Blocks Review: Importance Of Monitoring Your Online Reputation is a digital consulting and technology firm that is focused on monitoring services for the reputation management industry. The Israel and New York City based company specializes in enterprises, companies, and organizations with at least 100 employees. A suite of technology solutions and personalized advisory services help corporations and high-profile individuals reinstate control of the narrative surrounding their product and services by showcasing what their overall search results are via display blocks that are positive or negtive.

Five Blocks have positioned themselves as the go-to professionals and experts of digital search with over a decade of experience in reputation management software monitoring where The Reputation Management Company here has cemented ourselves as the company to use to resolve and fix any negative search results with our suite of ORM services. Five Blocks has grown to be a one-stop shop, employing and deploying a host of analysts, developers, and online researchers from the fields of technology, communications, and business management.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

With the growing popularity of social media and third-party apps, containing a solid reputation online is become a treacherous act in itself, especially for the uninitiated. A disgruntled customer or an unchecked rumor about your business or organization has the potential of ruining your reputation and undermining income streams. Businesses are starting to understand the value of remaining diligent of what’s being said about them and their brand online.

Digital marketers, who are at the forefront of online reputation management, are viewing services like Five Blocks as a necessity for businesses. While the majority of the online marketers believe in the importance of investing in proper reputation management, not all companies are considering it a vital element to their success. Only about half of executives see online reputation management as a necessary function but 100% of them should see this as a need in today’s digital world.

The Power of Your Online Reputation

Properly managing your online reputation leads to augmented trust with stakeholders, customers, and clients. If people appear to trust a company, others are likely to follow suit. Most trusted companies are due to the fact that they already have an established base, with word-of-mouth recommendations spreading their business’ influence.

Not only does proper management of your online persona helps build trust and improve your position in the search engine results page, but it can also lead to profitability. Companies with reputable online personas and reviews attract more businesses from partnerships, clients, and sponsorships. Now it’s more important than ever to have relevant reviews of your businesses online.

Reputable companies will also attract legitimate workers and employees. Reviews are equally important for on-boarding employees as they are for attracting clients. Employees are looking for a company that shares the same core values and beliefs as them, in which trustworthiness, transparency, and reputation are spotlighted.

A bad reputation will worsen over time if left unchecked. This may be because of systemic problems with the business, but it may also be due to the broken window theory. This theory can be explained as a warehouse with broken windows and poor curbside appearance enticing more vandals. Recovering from a tarnished reputation may sound like a difficult task, but with the help of Five Blocks you can at least monitor your results and then use a professional reputation repair service to fix up your issues.

Fixing Your Online Reputation

There are several steps that you can take to help remediate the situation. One of the best tips is to be active in social media. There are way too many companies who do not value social media and see it as a frivolous task. However, investing in social media will allow you to become part of the conversation. It will also assist you in identifying the customers from inflammatory posts, and giving you the platform to reach out to them in a professional way to inquire about their problem or their inquiry. You can make the situation right with them and ask them to post an update about it online. This will turn a negative experience into a positive one and will contribute to your positive online persona and this will all be tracked in your Green and Red Blocks.

An experienced local search marketing firm can offer more specific steps, such as adding locally optimized content to remediate negative reviews, or an online reputation manager to tackle more complex duties.

Everyone is entitled to a fair representation online. Start off by taking an inventory of your online presence, making the best out of your established digital assets. We will then promote your brand and shape it to counteract incredulous misinformation. We’ll actively and proactively defend your reputation from attack and actively mitigate threats. It’s extremely important to monitor for positive results, adjusting modes of attack to ensure success. Over time all companies using an ORM team will have a blueprint of repeat offenders, informing you and quickly accommodating to the evolving digital environment.

Fortune 500 corporations and professional groups are the core clientele for reputation monitoring but you can also find agencies local to you that also manage high-profile individuals like senior executives and investors.

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