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Erase Internet – Fake Reputation Companies to Beware of

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Advertised in the past as Repusurance and now as is a company ran by Indian Abhinav Sharma out of India. They claim to have a fake office in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States but have no presence here and are unable to erase anything on the internet. They send out mailers and respond from generic email addresses like “Jacob Richard” but are unable to remove anything an we are just asking the reputation management community to be aware of these scams from companies overseas who claim for a small amount of money that they can remove webpages when in fact they absolutely can not.

To prove it we put them to them to the test and they failed to produce any material showing that they were working on the project and failed to do any removals. A recent email excerpt is below from a mailer they have sent out. If you’ve been contacted by “Erase Internet” please be advised of the above and reach out for help to a real reputation management company.

How Thomas Patty’s profit increased after 100% negative link removal:

Creative Tax Solutions had negative information on top search results. We have fully repaired our client’s online reputation and the original negative articles have been long forgotten and continue their downward journey through the rankings. After creating a strong online presence, the company was able to help its clients. One of the client; Ken Evans says “Creative Tax Solutions helped me in saving him over $120,000.”

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Fake Company Alert:
Repusurance Inc.
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