Doctors Online Reputation

Doctors Online Reputation Management Service for Medical Professionals 

Recent trends are showing that the Internet is influencing the decisions people make more
and more with each passing year. Instead of looking in the local newspapers or relying on
word of mouth, people are turning to the web to determine where to shop, where to eat
and what movies to see. During the past several years, websites dedicated to reviews and
composite averages have greatly increased in popularity. While many of these sites are
devoted to material things and entertainment, there are others that rate professionals, such
as doctors and lawyers.

Considering how much people value their health, it is likely that they are going to use
these review sites to find only the most reputable physicians in the area. As time goes
on, a strong online reputation will be essential if a doctor hopes to run a successful
practice. If your reputation has been tarnished or even if it just needs to be more firmly
established, the professions at Profile Defenders can help you.

One thing they didn’t teach in medical school is how to manage your online reputation.
Some doctors are making adaptations by asking their patients to review them favorably
online or telling them about websites that categorically rate physicians. This is all well
and good, but what happens when one disgruntled patient leaves a malicious review?
Often times these reviews aren’t even based on truth. It is statistically proven that
prospective patients are more influenced by recent comments, and that they also pay far
more attention to the first page of search engine results than any other. So, not only it is
imperative to have the positive far outweigh the negative, it is crucial that the negative
be buried so far down that people have a hard time finding it. These are exactly the kinds
of services we will perform for you, ensuring that what people read about you online
presents you in the most positive light.

Doctors are held to higher standards than most businesses. If a business has a 4 out of 5
star rating, customers generally feel pretty good about making purchases through them,
but if a doctor has the same rating patients may wonder why their rating isn’t 5 stars.
They will only put their well-being in the most capable hands. Using our sophisticated
algorithmic software and years of experience, we guarantee that patients will feel
confident in your abilities.

Our packages are designed to help you eliminate all negative postings about you on
the Internet and replacing them with positive comments, posts and reviews, ultimately
restoring your reputation. Our job does not end there as we will continually monitor
the web for any new slanderous comments, dealing with them quickly and effectively.
You’re working hard to establish a prosperous private practice but you can’t control
everything that is said about you on the Internet. For all of your online reputation
management needs contact Profile Defenders today. We’re proven professionals in the
industry, having helped thousands of clients repair their reputation.

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