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We are the number one protectors of your reputation on the internet. The Dirty Defenders they call us for defending you against anything negative or bad on the internet. We receive new Compliments all the time for our innovative and legal processes. We provide legal services for completely removing defamatory results from a long list of websites. We have found ways to bury and hide false and hurtful press from another long list of websites, and finally we have our last resort deindexing program that uses the court order case method to have defamatory search results completely removed from the search results.

Best of all the major search indexes and webmasters comply with our Dirt Defense and it helps innocent people who were wrongly accused and hurt to regain their reputation and image online with our public relations, suppression and outside the box methods. The largest reputation companies in the world back out their work to us because at the end of the day we get results and don’t have to advertise to do so. We let the high quality of our work speak for itself.

If you have something defamatory on a site like thedirty.com or ripoffreport.com and want to have it out of sight and out of mind then we are the only solution for you that will guarantee our work or your money back.
We look forward to saving your image.

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