Dealing With Negative Comments On Social Media Sites

Social media is like a close conversation between a group of like-minded people – that’s broadcast all over the earth. Whatever’s said on social media sites not only has reach (Facebook currently has billions of users who log in everyday), it’s also there 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. And it rarely ever goes away.

This is why when somebody badmouths you on a social media site, you want to take action and get it cleared up. But before you jump in there and start defending your reputation, you need to count down from ten, take a few deep breaths, punch a cushion a few times, and read the advice below.

Is It Serious?

First of all, is it serious? Or is it somebody trolling or spamming you? If it’s spam, everybody will recognize that it’s not serious and ignore it together. It’ll look like what it is – somebody hating and being a jerk. Just ignore it and it’ll go away.

Is It Criticism?

If somebody is criticizing some aspect of your service, don’t get defensive. Instead of trying to explain or smooth things over, open up a dialog. Encourage people to talk and address the issue. You might be wondering why on earth you’d want to do that. Well, the reason is that it shows you care what your customers think. Be friendly and professional in all communications.

Is It Just Plain Nasty?

What if it’s just somebody saying some really nasty thing? First, take a deep breath. Don’t do anything rash. Start with a little damage control. Does the person have any credibility? Will people listen to what they say?

Even if they’re nasty, don’t reply in a nasty way. Always keep up a level of professionalism and courtesy, even if you want to murder them. How you respond to negative comments on social media sites can actually cause more damage than the initial comment. It can make you look defensive and insecure.

If you’re really in a trouble spot, you should contact ProfileDefenders to help you out. We have a lot of experience with these kinds of situations. We know exactly how to handle this so your reputation stays clean as a whistle.

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