de indexing google webpages – Reputation Management Edition

You look for a webpage but can not find it anywhere in the search index right? Well this may be a result of de indexing google pages either on purpose or due to a violation of their terms on service. There are two main types of de-indexing of Google search results that take place. The first is when you have duplicated content or something that you posted on your website that was supposed to be private but has leaked onto their search index.

In cases where it’s a webpage that you control you can go into your Robots.txt file and simply tell Googlebot to no longer follow your webpage and go to the Google Webmaster Tools, Verify your website, and make a request for the old page to be removed from their search index. Typically this takes 24-48 hours depending on the case and scenario.

How To Delete Webpages From Google

The other cases are when its somebody elses site or webpage. Whether it’s a site like or that you do not control or own do not worry as we can help guide you and fix the unwanted webpage to get it off of Google. There are cases where clients have copy written work that is posted online and with our help we have successfully submitted legal & valid copy right claims to have the webpages removed. Other cases require a lot more work and that is where our secret de-indexing sauce comes into play.

Let us know what your issue is that you need something de-indexed and we will work hard with you to remedy this as we have done so for thousands of other clients over the years. Our high end reputation management services have been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and other publications.

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