Good results on Google can make a difference for your bottom line and we are one of those companies that help you to control your Google results with the help of an online reputation management agency that replaces unwanted results with your brand. .  With more and more people since the start of the pandemic going online to check out what others are saying for one reason or another, controlling the narrative as much as possible can make a big difference.

What are some of the best tips on ways to control your Google results?

To ensure that the best results are popping up on websites, videos, social media, and more, there are a few things people can do. From there, those delivering a great product will naturally strengthen their reputation as well.

Make the website search engine-friendly – It’s alarming how many websites are out there not built for search engine results. It doesn’t take that much time and effort, but it can make a lasting impact. It starts with having the main name in the domain name if at all possible. It’s not always going to be perfect, but including it will help out tremendously with results.

Relevant Keywords – Having different pages filled with keywords that are related to the business makes sense as well. Content on any website is going to make it that much better from a search engine perspective. It’s a way to fit keywords in naturally, and also provide actual value for visitors.

Claim and update the Google My Business listing – If a business owner claims their page, they can provide accurate information on Google My Business listings at any time. Those that are unclaimed are just going off of guesswork, so information may not always be accurate. This is going to not only help with results but keep customers satisfied because they are getting accurate information. Too often, outdated information can be detrimental to a business because customers are so frustrated.

Research and focus on the right keywords – Keyword research can be pretty challenging without any previous knowledge on the topic. That’s why some business owners will opt to go with a professional team to get the job done. For those who have experience, doing a good amount of research and focusing on the right keywords will prove to be the most logical way to see results.

Start with less competitive keywords – To see faster results at first. It’s going to take a long time to go after the bigger keywords successfully, but there will be progress little by little. Make sure to pay attention to local keywords, as businesses can excel in their area with those targets.

Quality content matters

There used to be a time where the search engines could be gamed quite a bit to get on the top of the page for search results. Those days are mostly gone, as search engines are much better at weeding out keyword-stuffed websites, and focusing more on valuable content. This is where hard work can make a difference with any business. Quality content that is posted regularly is going to help control Google results and get the right websites up near the top.

Advertising To Fix Search Results

In some cases, turning to advertise is a valuable way to help control Google results. It may not be the most cost-effective way to do it, but it does help certain businesses more than others. Making a quality impression at first will get people intrigued, and then they start to learn more about the company. There’s a ton of different ways to advertise online these days, and it is very business-specific. Some can do very well with a social media ad campaign, while others will look to run ads during podcasts or on another website.

It might not seem like paying for advertisements would make that big of an impact, but it does change search results. It at the very least gets the business out there, and then it’s up to every company to retain those people.

Hiring a professional branding, seo, or online reputation management agency  has no shame. Reaching out to professionals to help out with controlling your Google results. After all, there are very effective ways to make changes that last, but it can be overwhelming for the average person trying to do that on top of everything else.

Like working with any other type of business out there, do quality research before working with a professional company. In essence, make sure that you Google them first before they do Google work for you. No reputable company in this industry is going to have a terrible reputation online if they are good at their job.

Search results on Google aren’t going to fade away anytime soon. In fact, they’re more important than ever, as they’re easy to access, seem 100% genuine, and provide intriguing insights. Any business ignoring google results is going to have a tough time surviving anyway.

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