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Company Reputation Management Services from Profile Defenders

No matter what goods or services your company provides to the public, you are likely to face some measure of competition from rivals. Often times, these rivals can be merciless and instead of trying to perfect their own techniques resort to vicious attacks against your business standards. Before the advent of the Internet it was substantially easier to sustain your reputation by promoting good will and delivering quality products, but things have changed.

These days just about anyone can post an unidentified comment on a popular review site or blog slandering your company’s practices.  Due to the lack of regulation on the web, these listings often have no basis in truth, containing gross misinterpretations of your mission statement. Yes, anyone with Internet access and something to gain from slandering your company can launch a smear campaign on forums and chat rooms. Given the growing popularity of the Internet, the opportunities rival companies have to initiate malicious attacks will only continue to grow.

There is a growing demand for companies to start defending their reputations, but how? You could retaliate by defacing the competition, but your adherence to high ethical standards will not allow it. Producing outstanding products and providing exceptional customer service will help, but it is well known that customers’ decisions are highly influenced by negativity, and one piece of bad press can negate twenty examples of good. You just wish there was a way to bury the negative listings or eliminate them altogether. Until fairly recently that was nearly impossible, but thanks to us, there is hope.

Our experience allows us to detect the sources of negativity, and we will negotiate with websites in order to have these listings removed. When your customers conduct a search for you on Google, Yahoo or Bing they deserve to know the truth – not read defamatory remarks planted by your rivals. To help counteract the damage that has been done to your company’s name we will launch a press campaign based on accurate information and brimming with positivity.

Our experts understand all the latest SEO and keyword techniques and guarantee that the first page of search engine results will be overflowing with links that talk about your business, the products you sell or the services you provide in an unbiased, positive matter.

We customize all of our plans to your specific needs. Just starting out? No problem! We at Profile Defenders will get your name on the Internet in no time at all. If your business is already established but has been victimized by your competitors or ex-employees, we can help you to. The Internet should be an avenue for your company to grow, not a place where you feel constantly threatened.

Located in several offices throughout the United States and servicing the entire world, our thousands of clients will concur: If your company is looking to restore, build or maintain its online reputation, look no further than to the consummate professionals at Profile Defenders.


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