Companies That Do Not Get Online Reputation Management

Controlling what is seen and said about you on the internet are two totally different categories. Anybody can say what they want when they want online. It is your job to make sure that you work with us to keep the negative content off of page 1 of the search results. Shutting the newspapers, writers, and op eds up is not possible and the more attention you draw to them the worse you will make the situation.

If you want to see companies that do not understand the correct concept and badly need help from experts like our profile defenders then you will read about Mediabridge products. A client left a bad review about the companies routers. Bad reviews come and go and this one particular on had received a cease and desist letter to remove the defamatory review. This led to the client needing money for the impending lawsuit and headed to popular viral news site and that caused an onslaught of negative reviews and the company ultimately getting kicked out of Amazon for what they tried to do.

Had this company hired Profile Defenders they would be selling more & more products both on and off of Amazon. Sometimes the lawyers advice causes the biggest problems as they don’t properly understand the intricacies of the internet.

Most popular childrens cereal brand Cheerios parent company General Mills after they wanted to limit their loyal customers ability to litigate against them when they liked their product on Facebook. Another case is the recent case is Europes right to be forgotten case where the case study is now about a man who did not want anybody to know about his previous foreclosure issues which we all know about now.

KlearGear is the most common and well known case of trying to handle your clients and it going extremely wrong. A RoR was made and the company ran amok. They falsely added a arbitration clause on their website stating it was always there along with a request to have it removed within 3 days although the report had been up for three years. The other option was to pay $3,500 since the site does not remove reports. It then went to collections which damaged the clients loans for a car and getting household appliances fixed. This led to a lawsuit against KlearGear and thus a settlement to pay them off for their troubles.

If Mediabridge had outweighed the negative reviews with very positive reviews and made a superior product they could have avoided the catastrophe.

There are many solutions to your reputation issues and we are here to help you. Get a consultation today to repair and protect your reputation online.

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