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See your profile on the Cheater Land website and want to get it off? This website was formerly known as and now it says on their website that they have switched over from Liars and Cheaters to If you want to have your profile removed we are here to help you with our direct removal program.

Cheater Land Website Removal Guaranteed

We’ve been successfully removing and taking down complaints and reviews about your past relationships. It’s a shame that an ex-lover is going to defame you and say horrible things that may or may not be true. Either way your dirty laundry is none of the worlds business and thus we’re here to help you replace it with good and positive content that you would want the world to see. So what we do is we create content that is positive while also completely removing your Cheater Land listing from appearing online. The profile defenders approach is all about helping good people in the world and we have proven ourselves as the leader in removing content online.

Any negative webpage on this cheater website about you we can have removed for you. Message us today for a quote and time frame for removal.
Cheaterland Removal Lawsuit

In Many of 2017 an ex lawyer from respected firm Crowell & Morig LLP accused a former colleague of assisting his wife to post defamatory and libelous information on’s domain. The post was said to have invaded her personal privacy and violated her copyright by posting a photo of her at the law firm without her permission. Angelua Julie Yu, who is currently an attorney at Kading and Briggs LLP said she worked at Crowell & Moring for 8 years starting in 2008 and that is where she met Ryan Christopher Wong in which the lawsuit goes into greater details that did not bode well as the best solution would have been to have Profile Defenders delete the post for them.

There have been many lawsuits over this website. It’s a giant mess as we’ve seen bitter clients spend over $10,000 in legal fees trying to attack this website to find out who the owner is and to get the website deleted completely. Unfortunately for them their results have been a waste of money where Free Speech lets people rant and rave as they want online with no repercussions as the previous lawsuits showcase.

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