Centurion Holdings High End PR agency for reputation repair online

We offer Concierge style reputation repair for your online problems. From high net worth individuals and to politically exposed people. We have exceeded the services that we’re previously offered by Seattle, Washington based Visible Technologies which was bought out by our partner Cision Technologies whom we utilize our PR and newswire services with.

Centurion Holdings was the investment arm run by the old swiss banking group UBS Chairman Joe Grano. Our concierge online reputation management services consults individuals who are in the public and private spotlight all over the world on business strategies online, development of online web assets, removal of unwanted web assets (think Wikileaks.org), and the assistance of growing a presence in Google, Yandex, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo search results (depending on the clients location).

Centurion Concierge Public Relations & Reputation Repair Services For HNW Individuals

We have assisted and helped clients in North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Whether the client is in Hong Kong, Singapore, Nigeria, France, Spain, Turkey, or New York City we’re here to assist with your most deeply personal online needs that you don’t want to share publicly. The old address of the Centurion Holdings PR & Reputation Management agency was 1185 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1750 New York, 10036-2601. We now have offices located in South Florida, Washington, D.C., Salt Lake City Utah, and Los Angeles.

If you have a need for personal reputation repair and removal of unwanted search or social media results do let us know and we will discuss how we can fix your problems.

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